A Note from the Acting Past President

Saturday, July 30, 2022 11:17 PM | Anonymous

[Posting this note from Matthew Miller on his behalf--Gregory Brown]

Dear AMMP Member;

I am Matthew Miller.  You may remember me from previous emails as the former Elections Committee Chair; a position I held for five years.  Like many of you, I have been deeply troubled by the dysfunction within our Association that we experienced during this last term.  From my position on the Elections Committee I knew that having a fully functioning Board would be vital to the continued success of our organization.  To that end, at the close of the 2022 election, I resigned my position on the Elections Committee and submitted to the new Board my desire to fill the role of Past President.  The Board of Directors has unanimously appointed me to be your Past President for the 2022-2024 term.

With no remaining President from last term, there would have been no new Past President.  This position is never elected, but is vital to the function of the Board, providing continuity between terms and being an important seventh - potentially tie breaking - vote.  

In my letter to the Board seeking this office I spoke of my experience improving elections processes, building up the Elections Committee from one person to five, being a meticulous record keeper, and working with my Committee to submit numerous bylaws amendments.  

During my term I expect to act as a third Member-At-Large, fulfilling duties assigned me by the Board.  I am committed to transparency to members about the actions of your Board of Directors and will consistently strive to ensure that you are made aware of our every action, when able.  The Board will be in discussions over the coming weeks about how best to move our organization forward.  

Should any of you have specific questions for me, or think there are additional topics/problems/issues you would like the Board of Directors to handle this term (other than the obvious ones) please reach out to me at pastpresident@paleomethods.org.

One last thing. With my leaving the Elections Committee please know that your elections are in very good hands.  The current Chair, Georgia Knauss did a fantastic job with this years election and the other members will work to keep our democratic processes running for years to come.



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