Annual Meeting Committee

This committee is tasked with creating and managing continuity in annual meeting planning, organizing, and budgeting. Members collaborate with convener/host of future meetings to pass along information and provide guidance through the difficult planning process.

Key Responsibilities

    1. Future meeting host recruitment and vetting: host/venue will be required to fill out a host application form.  The Annual Meeting Committee will evaluate each location for logistics, and costs. Final approval for future meetings will be approved by the AMMP Board.
    2. Annual meeting expenses: will work with the AMMP Treasurer in planning and tracking budgets for the meeting, and to ensure final expenditures do not exceed incomes.

Expected Time Commitment

    1. Committee members will spend an average of 2 hours per week, or 8 hours per month assisting with the planning of the annual meeting. 
    2. The committee shall maintain a calendar of events associated with Annual Meeting Planning.

Qualities, skills, and attributes beneficial for committee members

    1. Committee members should be prepared for the ongoing time commitment associated with meeting planning.  This is a year-long endeavor, and will require frequent conference calls and deadlines.
    2. Experience with or affinity to budgeting, invoicing and accounting.  A large part of planning the annual meeting revolves around maintaining a tight budget, and keeping overhead low.
    3. Previous annual meeting attendance will help with continuity issues.
    4. Good writing and editing skills, as well as familiarity with abstract submission procedures, and document formatting.
    5. Familiarity with hotel and venue contracting.

Available support for committee

    1. Open communication with Board Treasurer on registration, funding, invoicing, and procurement of materials.
    2. Annual Meeting Planning Guidance to be passed along from year to year.  This will be a living document to be modified and perfected through time.

Accountability to the board

    1. The committee shall provide the Board regular updates not less than once per month on the status of annual meeting planning that will include timelines, budget summaries, and accomplishments.

Committee Chairs

Conni O'Connor, Annual Meeting Committee Chair


Vacant, Abstracts Subcommittee Co-Chairs


Vacant, Workshops Subcommittee Chair

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