2024 Field Trips

Our tradition is to provide optional activities prior to and after the body of the Annual Meeting.  These are opportunities for those who have some additional time to devote to maximizing their educational and recreational experiences at the meeting.

Tuesday, May 7

Morden Geology and Paleontology

This field trip will explore the geology and paleontology around Morden. The area was shaped by the Laramide orogeny and several local basins were filled with Cretaceous and Paleogene sediments. These sediments were subsequently overlain by Pleistocene sediments associated with Glacial Lake Agassiz forming the current landscape. Participants will visit the excavation site of “Bruce”, the Discovery Centre’s iconic mosasaur, as well as active quarry sites in the Pierre Shale, the Twin Sisters 110-acre CFDC’s property with its “Field and Research Station” where we will have lunch (included). This trip also includes visits to Alexander Ridge Park to explore Late Pleistocene fluvial, shoreline, and deltaic sediments associated with Glacial Lake Agassiz, and Snow Valley, following the Manitoba Escarpment to the northwest, with several other stops along the way.

Max Participants: 25

Fee: $25

Duration: 9a-5p

Saturday, May 11

University of Manitoba and Manitoba Museum - Winnipeg

AMMP WILL NOT be providing transportation from Morden. Those who would like to stay in a group (convoy) will leave the Best Western Plus Morden at 7:00 am CDT, stopping briefly at the Hilton Winnipeg Airport Suites to drop off luggage and other items of value before heading to the University of Manitoba.

Kirstin Brink, Assistant Professor and Paleontologist at the University of Manitoba will guide a two-hour visit split into smaller groups for a tour of the paleo lab. She will also show us what they are doing with material from the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre. Participants will also have time to view the small museum exhibiting fossils and minerals

There will be a short amount of time for a quick lunch (on your own) before meeting at 1:15p at the Manitoba Museum, the provincial museum of human and natural history.

The Manitoba Museum (manitobamuseum.ca) houses 2.9 million artifacts and specimens. Curator of Palaeontology and Geology Dr. Joseph Moysiuk will lead two small group tours of the collection (Burgess shale included!) and lab spaces, including areas for thin sectioning, and microfossil sorting and screening areas. Participants will also have time to view the nine museum galleries highlighting modern ecosystems and the ancient past.

Transportation: AMMP will not be providing transportation from Morden or in Winnipeg. Participants will need to provide their own transportation. Parking to be paid at each location by participants with vehicles on that day.

Number of tours: 2 (One morning and one afternoon)

Max Participants: 20

Fee: $25

Duration: 10a-4p

2024 Host Committee

Adolfo Cuetara, Chair

Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre

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