Elections Committee

The Elections Committee helps to select qualified candidates to fill positions in the leadership of the organization. This important committee will aid in developing the future direction of the association, through its leadership.

    1. Elections Committee Chairpersons shall be selected by committee members four months prior (during the month of October) to a call for nominations. The Chair may serve multiple terms.
    2. Board members may serve on the Elections Committee but may not hold the office of Elections Committee Chairperson.
    3. Board members on the Elections Committee may become chairperson the calendar year following their leaving office.
Key Responsibilities
    1. Seek input from the Board on the needs for each election cycle.
    2. Establish a timeline for the election cycle and determine a voting platform that best fits the needs of the Association.
    3. Solicit nominations from the membership: Any member in good standing and abides by the AMMP Ethics Statement (see AMMP Charter and Bylaws Article III) is eligible to hold office.
    4. Vetting of Candidates: Contact nominees and ensure their desire, availability, and fitness to be placed on the ballot. Inquire about any prior experience associated with serving on a board or associated relevant experience which is useful in providing a biographical sketch of candidates for the ballot. Inform nominees of the responsibilities and expectations of the position. Answer any questions or direct nominees to speak with current or past individuals who have held the position.
    5. Facilitate voting by eligible members and report election results to the Board.
Expected time commitment
    1. Committee members will spend an average of 1-2 hours per year, with an increase up to 4 hours per month during the election season.
    2. The committee shall maintain a calendar of events associated with Annual Election of the Board.
Specific qualities/skills/attributes beneficial for membership in committee
    1. Committee members should be prepared for the time commitment associated with the annual election.
    2. The ability to motivate members to nominate fitting candidates for open Board positions.
    3. Good communication, writing, and editing skills.
Available support for committee: funding, board support, existing materials
    1. Collaboration with Secretary for up to date membership information.
    2. Collaboration with Board Treasurer for funding.
Accountability to the board
    1. The committee shall provide the Board regular updates not less than quarterly on the status of annual election that will include timelines, costs, and nominations/results. 

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