Resources Committee

Maintains resource display for meetings and lists of archival materials and suggested suppliers. Explores the implementation of new materials for preparation for archival characteristics and material properties. Posts or publishes this information so that it is accessible to members.

Key Responsibilities

    1. Create and maintain AMMP resource and archival materials display for use at annual meeting (AMMP, SVP, etc.).
    2. Compile and manage a list of archival materials, preparation supplies, and suggested suppliers to be published on AMMP web site.
    3. Explore, research, test, and promote awareness of new materials (including their use, properties, ingredients, manufacturing process, selection, and application).
    4. Disseminate knowledge of materials via publication, social media (Facebook group pages, Twitter, etc.), discussion list posting (Preplist, Nhcoll-l, vrtpaleo), and as open access PDFs for download on society website.

Expected time commitment

    1. Committee members may spend an average of 1-2 hrs. per month in months preceding meetings where display is in use.
    2. Committee members engaged in research or development of resources may spend more time.
    3. Committee members will commit to 6 hours at annual meetings (SVP and AMMP) to promote available materials and disseminate resources at table displays (e.g. Prep Table).

Specific qualities/skills/attributes beneficial for membership in committee

    1. Awareness of paleontological preparation and conservation literature.
    2. Direct experience or familiarity working with basic materials associated with fossil collection, preparation, molding, casting, repair, housing, exhibit, transport, and long-term storage.
    3. Interest in potential new materials and resources as well as experimental testing.
    4. Proficient writing and communication skills to clearly and creatively disseminate information.

Available support for committee: funding, board support, existing materials

Accountability to the board

    1. Reports to the Board semi-annually.

Committee Chair

Christina Byrd

Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University


Association for Materials and Methods in Paleontology

Established 2014

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